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PHTA Staff

Executive Office

Sabeena Hickman, CAE
President and CEO

  • Vision, Mission, and Strategy
  • Board of Directors and Governance
  • Member and Industry Relations

E: shickman@phta.org
P: 703-647-2552

Jeff Henriksen
Chief Strategy Officer

  • Strategy Formulation and Management
  • Association Growth
  • Implementation of Strategic Initiatives

E: jhenriksen@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 148


Laurie Lankford
Executive Assistant

  • Supports CEO and PHTA Board of Directors

E: llankford@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 142

Education and Events

Jeanne Mendelson
Vice President, Education and Events

  • Primary Oversight for Education, Certification, Meetings and Events
  • Education & Certification Committee Liaison
  • Education Partnerships

E: jmendelson@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 179

Justine Wood, CMP
Senior Director, Education and Events

  • Education Event Management
  • WAHC Annual Conference Management

E: jwood@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 114


Diana Bautz
Director, Education

  • Education Development
  • GENESIS Faculty Liaison
  • Continuing Education and Accreditation (IACET, ASLA, APLD)
  • Speaker Management and Online Learning Oversight

E: dbautz@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 122

Natalie Hood
Director, Certification and Instructor Relations

  • PHTA Instructor Relations
  • Instructor School Oversight
  • Certification Operations Management
  • CPO Program Management

E: nhood@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 190


Ashley Reyna
Senior Manager, Certification and Client Relations

  • Client Services Supervisor
  • Certification and Education Operations
  • PHTA Instructor Relations

E: areyna@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 117

Justin Ivey
Manager, Education

  • Learning Management System (LMS) Manager
  • Education Partners Program (EPP) Administration
  • Administrative Support for Events

E: jivey@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 150


Alma Valdez
Bilingual Manager, Certification and Client Relations

  • Bilingual Client Services
  • Certification and Education Processing

E: avaldez@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 109

Sara Niven
Coordinator, Certification and Client Relations

  • Client Services
  • Certification and Education Processing

E: sniven@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 164


Marisa Matson
Coordinator, Certification and Client Relations

  • Client Services
  • Certification and Education Processing

E: mmatson@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 110

Finance and Administration

Bill Aronson
Director, Finance and Administration

  • Financial Oversight
  • HR Administrator
  • IT Liaison

E: baronson@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 153

Netty Ford
Senior Manager, Finance and Administration

  • Account Reconciliation & Analysis
  • Financial Reporting

E: nford@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 104


Tamar Stepanian
Clerk, Accounting

  • Accounts Payable / Disbursements
  • Accounts Receivables / Deposits

E: tstepanian@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 154

Ian Tobin
Coordinator, Finance and Office Manager

  • Virginia office services support
  • Credit card and expense report management
  • Accounts receivable collections

E: itobin@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 103

Government Relations, Standards, and Codes

Justin Wiley
Vice President, Government Relations, Standards, and Codes

  • Monitor legislative and regulatory issues at federal, state, and local levels and advocate on behalf of PHTA and its members
  • Oversee development and maintenance of ANSI/PHTA standards
  • Shape code development impacting the swimming pool and spa industry

E: jwiley@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 431

Genevieve Lynn
Program Director, Standards and Technical Services

  • ANSI Standards Development, Strategy & Accreditation
  • Standards Consensus Committee (SCC), Technical Committee (TC), Recreational Water and Air Quality Committee (RWAQC) Liaison
  • Standard Writing Committees (SWCs) Oversight & Management

E: glynn@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 155


Blake Pavlik
Manager, Standards

  • Assists Standard Writing Committees (SWCs)
  • PHTA and ANSI Procedure Compliance
  • Special Projects Management

E: bpavlik@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 180

Marketing and Development

Jessica Howard
Vice President, Marketing and Sales

  • Membership and Education Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Website and Community Platform Oversight

E: jhoward@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 149

Sheri Jackson
Senior Director, Business Development

  • Sponsorship for PHTA and GENESIS
  • Sales Strategy and Outreach
  • Strategic Partnership Program

E: sjackson@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 157


Cheryl Claborn
Senior Director, Membership Development

  • Membership Retention & Recruitment
  • PHTA Member Support
  • PHTA Affiliations

E: cclaborn@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 116

Jasen Zubcevik
Creative Director, Marketing

  • Directs Design and Production of Marketing Collateral
  • Implements Design and Format Standards
  • Coordinates Projects with Outside Vendors

E: jzubcevik@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 211


Amy Willer
Associate Director, Marketing and Communications

  • Content Development
  • Press and Media Liaison
  • Email Communications

E: awiller@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 121

Amber Moreno
Coordinator, Marketing and Communications

  • Member Communications
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Tradeshow Collateral

E: amoreno@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 111


Kelliann Morgan
Coordinator, Membership Development

  • New Member Onboarding
  • Member Retention

E: kmorgan@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 144

Membership and Client Services

Seth Ewing
Senior Director, Member Programs and Services

  • Membership and Client Service
  • Affinity Partners
  • International Hot Tub Association (IHTA)
  • Chapters, Councils, and Committees

E: sewing@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 159

Kenya Thomas
Director, Database Management

  • Database Management
  • PHTA Fulfillment Management
  • Membership Billing

E: kthomas@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 146


Susan Kregar
Director, CPSA

  • California Pool & Spa Association Management

E: skregar@phta.org
P: 602-619-2129

Noelle Barge
Program Manager, Membership

  • Member Service Center Support
  • Membership Processing

E: nbarge@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 127


Rowdy Gaines
Vice President, Partnerships and Development

  • Step Into Swim
  • Business and Partnership Development
  • PHTA Spokesperson

E: rgaines@phta.org


Pool & Hot Tub Alliance Strategic Partners:

  • Fluidra
  • Hayward
  • Lou
  • Lyon Financial
  • MCC
  • Pentair
  • Raypak
  • WatkinsWellness

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